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What are some reliable payday loan sites?

Has anyone ever gotten a payday loan? I am in an emergency and can definitely pay this back by next pay day, however, I don%26#039;t know which payday loan company to trust. Any suggestions?|||By my experiences, and alot of serious research, you should only work with established, land-based, payday lenders. Many of them also have on-line sites. Also, make absolutely certain that you are dealing with a member of CFSA. CFSA has strict rules and regulations that their member lenders have to follow, these rules and regs are there to protect you, the borrower.

Additionally, do not, never ever, borrow from more than one payday lender at a time. That is exactly how many people get into trouble with payday loans, by over extending them selves beyond the qualified amount given by a lender. Too many of these people then accuse and blame the payday loan industry for creating their troubles, when it was their decision, that they made, to over-extend themselves.

One of my personal favorite lenders is www.moneytreeinc.com

Also, research www.cfsa.net to see why that is so important.

|||Various websites let you apply for cash advance payday loans online. The form has a few text fields and buttons.

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|||here is a site that allows you to compare many different payday sites so that you get the best one for your situation. its free!


good luck|||Reliable and Payday Loan do not belong in the same sentence.

Borrow from a friend do anything before you go to a payday loan place.|||http://www.researchitforme.com/wesayes/p...|||try this company http://onlinefinanceadviser.com

i worked with them when taking a student loan

How do payday loan places prey on the poor?

How do payday loan places prey on the poor? How do they keep people trapped in an endless cycle? What makes people use pay day loan places to begin with?|||People who use pay day loans probably can%26#039;t get credit anywhere else due to damaged credit and had something come up that needed to be paid right away that had they an emergency fund would have covered (flat tire, unexpected bill, illness). People who are using these types of places are probably already living paycheck to paycheck already so that they%26#039;ll never be able to get out of the cycle of the pay day loan. States that allow people to have more than one pay day loan out at once really open them self to trouble, because then they%26#039;ll start using one to pay the other and not really pay off either. Not to mention the fees are steep, but if you can%26#039;t get help anywhere else...they are a better choice than what the bank charges you for over the limit and overdraft fees. I think they have a legitimate place in our society, although not pretty. It%26#039;s a nature of the financial envirnoment right now. It%26#039;s really hard to get up out of it.|||The maximum loan you qualify for will be based on around 25% of your gross monthly pay. This is a proven, and common sense, calculation of what is generally reasonably payable by most people. this also means that the %26quot;poor%26quot; can not be %26quot;preyed%26quot; upon by payday lenders. Report Abuse
|||Various websites let you apply for cash advance payday loans online. The form has a few text fields and buttons.

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|||PEOPLE WHO ARE BAD AT MANAGING THERE MONEY ARE EASY PREY TO THE COMPANY%26#039;S WHO PREY ON THE WEAK AND VULNERABLE|||broke desperate people use them who don%26#039;t know any better.

they prey on the poor because they charge 400% interest.

Who thinks payday loan companies should be banned in every state?

I fell into the payday loan trap, which I struggled my way out of. Now when I see someone going into one of those places, I just want to run grab them and pull them in the opposite direction! I hate predatory lenders.|||I think it makes more sense to teach Personal Finances rather than Geometry/Calc/higher level math, as most people would benefit much more from learning about interest rates, savings accounts, Roth IRAs, credit cards, mortgages, etc.

Payday advance companies will always exist as long as the market proves there is a need for it. There is a need primarily because children aren%26#039;t educated in how to manage their income versus their expenses.|||I don%26#039;t understand how they can operate legally now. They definitely exceed the legal threshold for usury laws.

But I most definitely think we should have required classes starting in elementary school on financial management, including record keeping, banking, budgets, credit, etc.|||they dont trick you in to getting a loan from them... its your responsiblty to be responsible with your money... i have on occassion since my divorce needed one.... and it came it handy.... try using a budget|||I don%26#039;t think they should be banned but,i think they should regulated more as to the interest they are charging on those loans.Consumers need to be more responsible when taking these loans because these people charge more interest than the mob.|||they should be banned. they take advantage of that scared and helpless feeling you get when you got to have money now and are afraid of a bank or loan financial company turning you down.|||yes yes yes, they take advantage of the usually poor and are loan sharks that are illegal.....if they can do it then why cant the mafia

Payday Loan?

We are in need of some money until payday and I was wondering what payday loan website is good. I know some say payday loans are bad but they are only bad if you dont pay it back the next paycheck and my husband gets a bonus next week so we will be paying it back next week. Anyone have an idea of a good site?|||I%26#039;d ask family or friends before I%26#039;d pay the outrageous fees those places want.

Have you considered evaluating the junk in the garage or your closets that you could put up on Craigslist.org and sell to raise cash you won%26#039;t have to pay interest on?|||I would suggest you a website that has low interest rates: http://www.credit.com/r/cash_a... . They barrow up to $1500.

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|||I don%26#039;t advise going to friends/family for money. Selling on eBay is a good idea, except sometimes you need money now. 1st try and work out an agreement w/ creditors. 2nd is save, tossing loose change and dollars in a jar/piggy-bank each day can add up fast. http://introxl.com/ Report Abuse
|||Just to let you know, the payday loans are so terrible because they have interest that is so high that you end up repaying a lot more than you borrowed. The cost of borrowing from these places can be as high as the equivalent of 75% interest.

Even if your husband is getting a bonus, and you pay the loan off you still may be starting off the week with less money because of what you have to pay in fees. What if another emergency arises? You%26#039;ll end up going back to the company again - this is how the cycle of dependency starts.

If you need money fast, try getting an interest free loan from family or friends, a short-term loan from a bank (you can apply and be approved for a line of credit within minutes) or going to a pawn shop. Please don%26#039;t take a chance on these pay-day loan organizations. They are a total rip off, and they should be illegal.|||Research the options on this website.

Good luck!|||Stay away from the vultures.|||There may be something of use here.